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Abide (John 15:1-11)

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There is perhaps no greater discipline in the life of a Christ-follower than memorizing scripture. God's Word is a light to our feet, a hedge against sin, the Good News of salvation, and God's very breath to us! I've memorized hundreds of verses over the years, but unfortunately I've found that a vast majority of them have faded from my memory. What's interesting is that for most people, once they memorize a great song melody, they NEVER forget it.  The melody lodges itself in one's memory forever, and of course, the melody calls forth the lyrics. Music is a powerful memorization tool!

Sing Scripture's purpose is to leverage the power of a catchy tune to hide God's Word in our hearts. We strive to provide a quality scripture memorizing resource not just for kids but one that would appeal to adults as well.

I am praying that the marriage of Biblical text and music will help you deeply abide in the words of our Creator so that you will bear much fruit!

God Bless,

Jeff Zabel, Creator of Sing Scripture



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