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Memorizing Scripture is a vital and rewarding spiritual discipline. God’s Word is a light to our feet, a hedge against sin, the Good News of salvation, and God’s very breath to us. Unfortunately, often times, the effort put into learning Bible verses results in forgetting those verses in just a matter of weeks or months. This can be frustrating and deflating.

What’s interesting is that most people who memorize a song melody will never forget it! A catchy melody lodges itself forever in one’s memory and, of course, the melody calls forth the lyrics. Think of how many songs you learned as a child that you still remember today. Music is a powerful memorization tool!

Sing Scripture’s purpose is to leverage the power of a catchy tune to hide God’s Word in your heart. We strive to provide a quality Scripture memorizing resource not just for kids, but one that would appeal to adults as well.

We hope you find these memory songs to be a life giving and spiritually enriching tool that keeps you abiding in the words of our amazing Creator.

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